POLYGON Software Suite

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Introduction to the Polygon Software Ecosystem

(Structured Information System)

For those who manage vast amounts of case files and records , PolySIS offers a structured, highly organized approach to data mangement. It transforms the traditional, often cumbersome, paper-based processes into streamlined, digital workflows. From intake forms to case files, PolySIS allows for easy data entry, retrieval and management through a user-friendly interface that mirrors the familiar structure of physical files and folders but with the added efficiency and security of a digital format.

PolyVIS – The Visual Intelligence Tool

PolyVIS is specifically designed for those in investigative and analytical roles who require the ability to not only see but also interact with the complex web of relationships inherent in their data. Whether it’s mapping out the connections in a drug trafficking netword or visually piecing together the timeline of events in a complex case, PolyVIS offers an intuitive, dynamic interface for data visualization and analysis.

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