Polygon –
the extended memory
for companies and organizations

The Purpose of POLYGON

What users said about Polygon

„POLYGON introduces a new method to information evaluation. The separation of objects, relationships and attributes is ingenious since it perfectly reflects the pattern of human perception and recognition.“

„Using Polygon in law enforcement is a „no brainer“, yet one can imagine any other kind of database application for instance in medicine and life sciene.“  (An approved witness expert)“

„…Ideal for crime intelligence and analysis …“ (German crime analyst)“

Positioning of Polygon in the database world

Polygon is perfectly suited for the explorers of the information universe, those who seek to manage and make sense of the wide array of information that doesn’t fit neatly into conventional boxes. From national archives stretching back centuries to the latest research databases, from crime intelligence or support for parliamentary investigation commissions, Polygon is the compass that guides you through.

Polygon doesn’t merely store data; it transforms disparate data fragments into coherent, meaningful information. By leveraging metadata, Polybase elevates raw data points—be it a name like „Ford,“ a date, or a serial number—into contextualized information. This process unveils the richness and depth of data, turning „Ford“ from a mere word into a family name or a vehicle brand, and dates into milestones or deadlines. This capacity for depth and contextual understanding sets Polybase apart as a tool not just for storing information but for creating a tapestry of knowledge.

Components of Polygon


At the foundation of Polygon stands PolyBase, an advanced database server tailored for organizations that demand flexibility and utmost reliability and stability.

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Polygon Software Tools

Multipurpose software tools provide its users with insights from raw information and documents that make it possible to come up with the right decisions.

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Custom-fit solutions at your fingertips. PolyApps are your precision tools for targeted tasks – from forensic analysis to case management in law enforcement.

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